Artificial Intelligence


AI should be for everyone,

at least we think so. 


At NEMISA, we are creating a repository of Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses for everyone.


We believe Enthusiasts to Experts (and everyone in between) should be able to participate in the A.I. revolution.


NEMISA has partnered with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and the South African Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) to create this A.I. Repository.


We provide information on ALL things A.I.


There are many different definitions of AI, we think about AI as a branch of computer science that allows computers to make predictions and decisions to solve problems.


Artificial Intelligence is having a huge impact on our world.


The purpose of this Repository is to assist you in discovering the amazing world of A.I., from the novice with a keen appetite for all that is AI to the technically savvy looking to enhance their understanding of a specific discipline.

AI Courses A-Z

AI to Zeros & Ones

& everything in-between

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Ethics, Governance & Legislation

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  • Our repository is kept up-to-date
  • We showcase courses from local institutions
  • Many of the courses listed are online.
  • We list courses for all skill levels, from enthusiast to advance.

AI News from around the Globe

We have articles and news from  Enthusiasts, AI Companies and Providers from around the Globe.

FAIR Forward – Artificial Intelligence for All
Wed, Jun 02, 2021

FAIR Forward – Artificial Intelligence for All

The German Development Cooperation initiative… “FAIR Forward – Artificial Intelligence for All” strives for a more open, inclusive and sustainable

The impact we can create through the national-level support of AI
Sat, May 29, 2021

The impact we can create through the national-level support of AI

At …Zindi we host a community of over 25,000 data scientists from across the continent and around the world, using